Puddly – available for adoption

DOB: 1-10-2017 (estimated)Sex: maleSize: mediumNeutered: yes Currently in: Bar, Montenegro Medical: Fully vaccinated; passed rabiĆ«s blood titer test History:We pulled Puddly from the streets of Utjeha (Montenegro) in summer 2018. When we went to feed the pack he was part of, we witnessed dogs fighting over a dog corpse as food resource… We then decided … More Puddly – available for adoption

Paddy – available for adoption

DOB:Sex: maleSize: medium/23kgNeutered: Currently in: Bar, Montenegro Medical: Leishmania+ (Titer: 1.3021) – Therapy: AllopurinolHeartworms+ (Titer: 0.7460) – Therapy: Ivermectin + Dovicin History: We found Paddy in the beginning of 2019 in home-made shelter ‘Paladine’ in the mountains of Bar, coastal Montenegro. Paddy was dying. He tested positive for leishmania and heartworms. Leishmania slowly started to … More Paddy – available for adoption